Vehicle leasing


The company specializing in vehicles leasing contacted us after the redirecting its activities from abroad to Slovakia.

We provided a comprehensive package of services associated with the delivery of trucks with refrigerated and special extensions, for example, to transport of spare parts for motorcycles to the company

Thanks to local cooperation with partner companies, we were able to ensure the highly prompt delivery of all the necessary formalities as soon as possible for the launch and smooth operation of the subsidiary for the client.

What did we do?

Initial phase: After redirecting the activities to Slovakia, the client requires the provision of leasing services as soon as possible.

Realization: We promptly provide the client the necessary vehicles and extensions.

Result: The operation is launched in the shortest possible time and without unnecessary complications.

Why choose us?

  • Comprehensiveness of services >

    (Almost) no client's requirement is unsolvable.
  • Experience and contacts >

    Number of contacts and experiences thanks to long-term operation in the wild water of business
  • Problem-free operation of subsidiary >

    Time efficiency is one of our key priorities for the success of the business
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Our activity

Efficient delivery of specialized vehicles 50%
Delivery of additional parts 25%
Fast launching and operation control 25%

Design 2

We cooperate with top experts in the field of personnel and legal consultancy and accounting and tax services. The team of experts is ready to resolve all possible (and impossible) situations associated with operation a newly established company.

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