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The comprehensive building of newly established companies


Company establishment in a new environment brings the amount of painstaking work. At our place, you can find all the services associated with the launch of operation under one roof.


Personal consultancy and training for the personnel


Good employees are crucial for the effective operation of any business. We'll ensure a selection of the most suitable workers for you.


The cost saving of calculation and controlling


By defining the causes and taking corrective measures, we'll turn your red numbers into the profit. Put yourself in our hands and start the economic growth.



Accounting services


Put the comprehensive accounting agenda of your company in the hands of our experts. We'll process the single, double, financial and payroll bookkeeping for you.


Legal services


Company management in a new country can be a difficult task. You can rely on our knowledge in the field of Slovak legislation, entrepreneurship and business practices.


Tax consultancy


Legislation and tax issues is a common problem of foreign subsidiaries in Slovakia. With the help of tax professionals, we will set the effective tax processes for you.



Optimization of processes in transport companies


We'll resolve the activities associated with the operation of a transport company. Thanks to the local knowledge we'll optimize and accelerate the logistics processes.


Technical consultancy


From registration of the vehicle, through insurance, up to ensuring the compulsory vehicle inspections - we will provide complete technical service for you.



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Why trust to ACC Slovakia?



We don't do half the work. We will arrange the establishment and management of your new foreign subsidiary from A to Z. We have mapped all of the processes and our priority is time. Documentation, demanding arrangement of the offices and bureaucracy - do not be afraid to entrust us with uncomfortable, time-consuming and complicated actions. We will plan, prepare, organize and arrange. Until the last stamp.



We know very well what and how to do all the things to lead your company to the success. We abide by the deadlines and we perform our work with maximum caution. You can rely on us.



Acknowledgement may be acquired only by those companies which meet strict economic criteria and conditions for certification. Prestigious rating of AAA can acquire only 0.5% of the highest quality companies, we are among them.


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We cooperate with top experts in the field of personnel and legal consultancy and accounting and tax services. The team of experts is ready to resolve all possible (and impossible) situations associated with operation a newly established company.

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