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We provided comprehensive coverage of the company operation to the company specializing in logistics and transport, from the initial defining of the corporate structure, through the personnel provision, up to the processes related to logistics.

In the initial three-month phase, we registered the company in Slovakia, we furnished administrative premises with necessary equipment and resolve the issue of staffing. We provided the transport of trucks to Slovakia and their subsequent registration on behalf of the client. After launching full operation, we proceeded to the next phase where we supervised the activity and performance of the Slovak subsidiary. After the first year of the operation launching, the client employed more than 40 workers.

After a one-year trial operation, the company evaluated the profitable operation, and on the basis of the results that much more exceeded its expectations, the company decided to expand in Slovakia.

What did we do?

Initial phase: We registered the company in Slovakia, imported and registered the trucks, equipped the office and found the staff.

Realization: After the operation launching, we observed the operation and performance of the company.

Result: In the first year, the company had over 40 workers and expanded to other Slovak cities.

Why choose us

  • Business management >

    Comprehensive business management from the logistics to the staffing
  • Qualified personnel provision >

    We have the know-how for the recruitment and training staff
  • Efficient logistic processes >

    Efficient management of logistic and transport processes Our activity
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Our activity

Management of company operation 30%
Equipment of the company with assets 25%
Staffing 25%
Management of activity and performance 20%

Design 2

We cooperate with top experts in the field of personnel and legal consultancy and accounting and tax services. The team of experts is ready to resolve all possible (and impossible) situations associated with operation a newly established company.

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