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The client specialized in the field of mechanical engineering contacted us with the request to set up and build the corporate structure of the company operation in Slovakia. The company aimed to ensure the qualified workforce for the building of refineries.

On the basis of pre-established demanding criteria of a foreign client, we performed a qualified recruitment of workers. Professional training, testing and verification of skills and capacity of selected personnel followed immediately.

Thanks to the provision of a highly skilled workforce, the client's order share of given refinery expanded significantly. Thanks to the positive references, they gained other significant orders in the field of engineering in Slovakia at the same time.

What did we do?

Initial phase: Provision of the workforce, training and testing its professional skills.

Realization: Thanks to the highly-qualified workforce, the client achieves significant order share.

Result: Thanks to the positive references, the client gains other orders in their field.

Why choose us?

  • Creation of corporate structure >

    Comprehensive establishing and building of the companies
  • Staffing >

    We know what the client needs and we know how to get it
  • Efficient personnel training >

    Our experience brings us the correct view on the creation of desired value
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Our activity

Staff recruitment35%
Personnel training15%
Increase in client's production20%

Design 2

We cooperate with top experts in the field of personnel and legal consultancy and accounting and tax services. The team of experts is ready to resolve all possible (and impossible) situations associated with operation a newly established company.

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