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An important foreign client - a transport company - contacted us after its expanding to Slovakia with the request to staff the Slovak subsidiary.

Workforce recruitment included a wide range of staff from the production to the technical staff.

In the initial phase, we started cooperation with a selected number of workers. Personnel process was comprised of searching, contacting, selecting and checking the suitability of candidates. The testing phase of the selected employee lasted for 2 months. During the trial period, it was possible to find out if the adept has sufficient working habits. As he proved his work performance, his employment contract prolonged. After the successful testing of skills of the group of employees, we continued with the workforce selection and recruitment.

Thanks to the provision of the suitable workforce, the company was able to expand further.

What did we do?

Client: Searching, selecting and testing the candidates.

Realization: After a two-month trial period and verification of employees, we recruited more workforce.

Result Thanks to the qualified workforce, the company is able to expand further.

Why choose us

  • Comprehensiveness >

    We know how to acquire a wide range of personnel according to the client needs
  • Purview >

    The length and intensity of personnel processes depend on the detailed requirements of the client
  • Personnel analysis >

    We can acquire and carefully examine the quality of personnel
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Our activity

Personnel recruitment process35%
Personnel testing25%
Veryfying the personnel quality40%

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We cooperate with top experts in the field of personnel and legal consultancy and accounting and tax services. The team of experts is ready to resolve all possible (and impossible) situations associated with operation a newly established company.

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