The most important information about Slovakia

Basic information about Slovak economy, taxation, the balance of trade and population.


taxes and levies in Slovakia

Income tax on natural persons:
Incomes up to 35022.31 EUR = 19%
Incomes over 35022.31 EUR = 25%
Income tax on legal entities:
Incomes over 2500 EUR = quarterly tax advances
Incomes over 16600 EUR = monthly tax advances

taxes and levies in SlovakiaMaximum assessment base for 2016 is 4,290 EUR. Minimum assessment base is 405 EUR. Social security contributions are 25.2% in total. Health insurance contributions are 10% in total.

taxes and levies in Slovakia

Although dividend tax is currently 0%, the health insurance contributions on dividends of 10% must be paid.

taxes and levies in SlovakiaBase rate of VAT is 20% from the tax base. The base rate of VAT applies to all goods and services, except those which are subject to a reduced rate of VAT (10%).

Natural person income tax19%
Legal entity income tax22%
Employer’s contributions35,2%
Lowered VAT10%


GDP76,521 mld. €
Annual change of GDP2,8%
Average nominal monthly wage 853,7 €
Gross public debt-43,158 mld. €
Slovak economySince 2010, the country's GDP has grown constantly. In 2015, annual growth of GDP index gained the highest value over the past five years.

Slovak economyThe unemployment rate is declining and is the lowest since 2008. In terms of comparison with other countries, Slovakia has a lot to catch up, but with the expected good economic development it should not be a problem.

Slovak economyThe highest wages have been amounting in the IT sector and finance for a long term period. The Bratislava region has achieved the highest average wages.


commercial balance in SlovakiaIn the recent years, the Slovak export has been oriented mainly to Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland. The main items of Slovak export are cars, televisions and petroleum oils.

commercial balance in SlovakiaMain import items are industrial supplies, capital goods, transport equipment and consumer goods.

Export71,001 mld. €
Import66,26 mld. €
Net direct investments0,7 mld. €


Population 5,417 mil.
Average age 38,7 rokov
Density of population110/km2
demography of SlovakiaIn average, there are 946 men and 1,000 women, which means 48.6% men and 51.4% women.

demography of SlovakiaLife expectancy is currently 76 years. Women live up to 80 years and men up to 72 years in average.


age structure of Slovakia0 – 14: 830 457 people

15 – 64: 3 932 092 people

65+: 672 724 people

0 – 1415,28%
15 – 6472,34%

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